Monday, January 21, 2013

A Fresh Page: A Dirty Keyboard

It always starts with a blank page.
On the web it's more metaphorical. 

It starts with a dirty keyboard too. I can't remember when mine has ever been clean. I tend to eat while I'm on the computer. Even though self help articles (I think they're technically called 'health columns' but lets call a spade a spade here) tell me that I'm not enjoying what I'm eating when I'm not staring at my food. Therefore, I will most likely consume more. The writers of this article did not think that I had to pause, put down my spoon type a sentence or two, thus giving me time to swallow, digest, and appreciate all while creating a unique and beautiful sentence (or finally nailing what I want my Facebook status to be). 

Anyways, I like avocados and bits of them are on my keyboard. 

The first entry should be something like a mission statement. A thesis for a written work that has no end. A clever foreshadowing on what will happen in the following posts- in the future. Some fancy metaphor for what my life will be. 

So this should be a cinch then.  

I'm not out to preach. The idea of standing on a stump has been a sad idea every since I finished "The Giving Tree". That was a hard year. (WHY would someone put his old fat ass on the thing that's given him EVERYTHING and think it's chill?) 

I do know the things I like and I'm out to share them in a language with high letter clicks and deeper space bar thumps. 

I like books. But I also have friends. I love to cook. I like to knit. I love being warm. So there you have it. I generally enjoy the comforts an octogenarian- but with a twist of a young perspective.

Eggnog is better spiked. Use the yarn you would have used for an afghan and knit up a halter. Living with the comforts of the old with the mind of the young- let's hope it does me justice. 

So there's your thesis statement. The things that will be discussed in the upcoming posts, in some form or another. A secret old soul who still likes go get out shake her not yet saggy booty.

So with this dirty keyboard- let's get down to the grit. That reminds me- this nail polish is on its last day. The color of "Uptempo Plum- perhaps this will set the mood for the following posts. 

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